A structured approach to help committed players improve their skills and confidence

Did You Know?

Many coaches often don’t know how to effectively communicate with children about sports performance and development.

Baseball players often lack confidence in their ability to coach themselves


Basics of Good Technique

Kids spend too many hours playing sports and not enough time learning the basics of good technique.

Coaching to Play YOUR Best

Players need coaches who understand what they need to do to play at their best. Not the coach's idea of it.

Mindset over rapid results

Kids don’t always understand why they aren’t making progress. They may even think that they are doing something wrong.

Effective Communication

There's often no structure for effective communication towards the goal of improving each individual's skill level.

Do You Know Your Numbers?

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Principles of Kaizen Koaching?

1. Plan

Recognise the opportunity, and plan to change.

2. Do

Put the plan into play, and test the change.

3. Check

Analyse the results of your test, and identify what you've learnt.

4. Act

Act on what you've learnt, and if not satisfied, approach the cycle again with a different plan.

Why Kaizen?

Kaizen Koaching is a process where coaches teach players to self-coach. The first step is to determine the player's strengths and weaknesses using an assessment tool called the "Coaching Assessment Tool." Then we use this information to create a plan designed specifically for the child. We provide feedback on form and technique through drills and games that are fun and motivating. Our ultimate goal is to move players "to their next dot", knowing what to ask for when they get stuck.

Kaizen Koaching helps kids learn the key mindset of continuous development, as well as the fundamentals of baseball, including hitting, throwing, catching, running, jumping and fielding through both online lessons and touchpoints with coaches around the world. 

By teaching these fundamental skills, kids develop a strong foundation for future success. 

Kaizen Koaching is designed to provide a structure for players, parents and coaches to teach these skills incrementally through simple daily practice sessions. Kaizen Koaching uses a structured approach to teaching players the skills they need to play at a higher level. Players learn about the skill they need to master, and then practice drills and games to help them develop that skill. Kaizen Koaches focus on the skills that are hardest for kids to develop themselves, and teach them how to improve those specific skills through practice drills and fun games.

What the Fans Say

"His coaching style, patience and ability to explain, inspire and change has brought our son to another level with his hitting and self-motivation. Thank, Coach Holmes!"

Sharlene Macdonald

"Nick's genuineness and ability to communicate so well allow him to optimize his ability to teach and relate to his students - one of the true measurements of any great relationship."

Alan Jaeger
Co-Founder, Jaeger Sports


"Nick Holmes is one of the most real coaches I know. He inspires discipline, hard work, integrity and how to play the game the right way."

David Keesee
Professional Coach

THE Courses

Hi, I'm Nick Holmes.

Creator of Kaizen Koaching and the Remote Evolution Player System (R.E.P.S.)

Facing the world everyday with the right mindset can change our chances of learning everything necessary. At the same time, learning how to create new habits with the right perspective will make our way of interpreting the world change for the better. Whether you are a player or a coach take charge of your own baseball development and personal growth starting NOW!

In today's digital world, there are endless numbers of baseball coaches, “hiring gurus,” pitching experts, and mental-toughness programs trying to sell you every gadget, quick fix, and guarantee to make you a better baseball player. It is overwhelming to say the least. So what works and what doesn’t? How do you sift through it all and find some clarity? How do you improve your mechanics, build more muscle, increase your mental toughness, and stay on track to compete at the next level and beyond? Take control. Believe in yourself. Learn to quiet the noise by turning down the volume and even shutting off channels.